Why We’re Different

We are a family owned business that provides both individuals and families with Simple Solutions for a Healthier Life. Rheece Hartte, is the ‘magic man’ and works behind the scenes to find creative ways to bring people to the site. His ‘whole health’ philosophy has a primary focus on living your life with a healthy mindset. Trisston, age 13 and Trae, age 10, a.k.a. “T & T – the dynamite duo” help to create the quick, fast, ‘kid loving’ snacks and meals found in the ebook called, The Fit n Healthy Plan, The healthy diet & lifestyle plan made easy!

Michale Hartte, BASc (Nutr), NNCP, CH is the Natural Health Care Practitioner that is the backbone to ‘Fit n Healthy Nutritional Consulting’. Her 14 years of extensive training in the field of Natural Health and Exercise Performance has given her the knowledge and experience to create Comprehensive Nutritional Plans that really work.

Her plans include; The Fit n Healthy mindset, diet, detox (when needed), exercise and lifestyle. Michale has a particular interest in anti-aging, exercise, foraging for wild edible plants, and the use of natural remedies for common ailments.

She believes the body has an innate intelligence to heal any health condition and that our body is governed by Natural Laws which hold the answers to lifelong health, wellness, and vitality.

Together, as a team, our mission is to show people what a healthy diet and lifestyle is and how to get there using simple solutions.