Why we’re different.

We are a family owned business that provides busy families and individuals with simple solutions to a healthier life. I, Michale Hartte am the “clinical nutritionist with a big heart”. I create the personalized nutritional plans, write articles, develop new recipes and educate on nutrient-rich foods, meal planning ideas and healthy living. Rheece Hartte, my […]

Top 5 Serious Fat Loss Tips

5 Ways that STOP the body from burning fat: High insulin levels (Eating too many carbohydrates for the body’s requirements, improper food combinations and lack of sleep all lead to excess insulin levels) anytime the body raises insulin – glucagon, our fat burning hormone, goes down. This spells trouble for our fat burning efforts. Chronic […]

Top Anti-aging Products

Top 5 ways to reverse the signs of aging Serious Anti-again Tip #1: Get your sleep. You need 8 hrs of solid sleep during the spring and summer and a full 9 hrs of solid sleep in the fall and winter months. Best to be asleep by 10pm to take advantage of your ‘anti-aging’ hormone […]

Member Only Post

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Beating Skin Cancer With Michale’s Protocol

I was given Michale’s information from a friend who had tried everything and got AMAZING results FAST with Michale’s individual protocol. So, I thought it was time to take care of myself, get serious, and get well! Not only did I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER after just a few days, I LOVED her ‘New Foods […]

No More Medication!

Hi Michale, Gosh, when I look back I have certainly come a long way. As I said to you before, I THOUGHT I was doing everything right in the past, but I realize now that I had a lot to learn about health and nutrition. Bowel movements are sooooooooooo much better (no more Senokot medication). […]