Why we’re different.

We are a family owned business that provides busy families and individuals with simple solutions to a healthier life. I, Michale Hartte am the “clinical nutritionist with a big heart”. I create the personalized nutritional plans, write articles, develop new recipes and educate on nutrient-rich foods, meal planning ideas and healthy living. Rheece Hartte, my […]

This one snack can help you lose weight

We all know that ‘snacking’ is a great way to avoid overeating at our main meals. But, what are the best snacks to jump start your weight loss efforts? Based on my experience as a nutritional counselor, ‘protein rich’ snacks work to drop those extra pounds, fast. Making your own protein-rich snack bar is actually […]

Eat More, Weigh Less (and get healthy)

Three filling meals that won’t tip the scales Even thinking about dieting makes most people hungry, but eating more food can actually help you lose unwanted fat. The key is following a few simple rules (see below). Rule #1: Eat protein with every meal or snack. Eating protein increases our metabolism and helps create a ‘fat burning’ […]

Gluten Intolerant? Here is what to do

Gluten intolerance is one of the most under-diagnosed conditions in western society. From chronic indigestion to celiac disease, osteoporosis and even multiple sclerosis, our bodies’ reactions to gluten prove that many of us are simply not equipped to process high levels of it. Picture of a sourdough starter (right) Obviously, this presents a problem considering […]

One Bowl Wonders

3 Easy Steps to Creating a Delicious Meal Creating your delicious and health enhancing meals can be as easy as 1-2-3! Add variety to your eating plan by following the 3 steps below and changing the food selections. Make it fun for the whole family by placing the food selections in separate bowls for each […]